I've decided to play with the layout a bit. Can't do anything fancy, I can just use what's given to me from LJ. Or maybe I'll find a nice one over at freelayouts.

Um. Yeah. Just thought I'd let you know.
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HPG Down Time

Hello all-

The Invision company has been sold to a new corporation, so Rames does not have access to the domain at this current time. What does this mean? HPG is going to be down for a while, until the new company takes over and Rames can get into the domain and fix the boards. Please be patient, we'll have them back up as soon as they're available.
<3 Great Britain


Hello darlings :)

I guess you all (or most of you) know what a colorbar is. If not, check out this community.

Well, anyway, I wanted to make a colorbar myself and chose HPG. Already added it to my profile. And I thought maybe some of you would like to use it, too...

So, feel free to nick...

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Lesley :)
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