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The madness continues
The movie 
15th-Jun-2004 09:54 am
I went to see POA for a second time, and liked it even more than the first. I think that I will go back one more time while it's in the theater. Terry is out of town, and going to the movie seems like a good thing to do. I could go see Shrek 2, as he doesn't want to, but I'm definitely in more of a Harry Potter mood--have been ever since the movie came out.

No need to worry--I'll get a life in about a week when I get very busy with day camp.

I wish I could find a David Thewlis movie to rent tonight--but when I looked the other day they didn't have many of his. So I suppose I'll get Besieged. The only other available one seemed to be Six Years in Tibet, but I don't even remember him in it, so it must not have been a very big part.

15th-Jun-2004 10:45 am (UTC)
Yepp... I want to see it in the cinema again, too. (I've been twice so far. Once with Lesley and once with my Mum) I think it's starts next week in English, but I'm not quite sure.
I really wish they'd show the movies here like they do in Holland. With subtitles. They're easier to ignore.
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